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Patient ID XPressTM
Patient Identification Labeling System
Capture Station
The Turnkey Solutuion For ALL Your Patient Labeling and Identification Needs

The Patient ID XPressTM system provides you the ability to print patient identification labels or wristbands instantly anywhere in your facility. Our "On-Demand" label system allows end-users to print any number of labels when, and more importantly, where you need them.

Patient ID XPressTM is a flexible, portable labeling system that prints clear, legible patient identification labels. Patient ID XPressTMproduces labels with or without barcodes for additional identification and tracking. Replaces or enhances the functionality of embossed patient cards.

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Instantly print patient identification labels at your:

- Nursing Stations
- Patient Registration Areas
- Laboratory & X-ray
- Same Day Surgery
- Emergency
- Ambulatory Surgery
- Clinics
- Outpatient Services

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Patient ID XPressTM Modular Workstations
For ALL Your Labeling Requirements

Patient ID XPressTM Data Capture Station:
- one-to-one replacement of your embossing printer for Patient ID labels.

Patient ID XPressTM Wristband Station:
- includes off-line printer and scanner. Scans the Patient ID labels and prints bar coded wristbands.

Patient ID XPressView & Print More Information on Patient ID XPressTM Label Station:
- includes off-line printer and scanner. Scans the Patient ID labels and prints bar coded labels. Portable printer option available.

Patient ID XPressTM Plus Printer Stations:
- high speed printer stations for high volume printing. Recommended when printing 400+ labels or wristbands per day.

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Capture Station

Minimal IT Involvement Required

Patient ID XPressTM provides your Hospital an easy and simple turnkey solution for implementing barcode wristbands and documentation labeling using your existing embossing system. Patient ID XPressTM requires minimal IT involvement for it's installation and implementation.

- No network drops or connections
- No Programming
- No interface or network integration

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Barcode Printers Direct Thermal and/or Thermal Transfer

Model: TTP-245, TDP-245

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Scanner Patient ID XPress TM Scanners
Durable, Accurate and Easy To Use

Our scanners are tested for accuracy, durability, but most importantly ease of use by our customers. Barcodes do not save time if your users cannot easily read them. Xpress Systems is continuously testing new scanners and new technology to find cost effective scanning systems that make it easy to quickly read the patient barcode labels.

Capture Station Patient ID XPress TM Printers
... Quite, Convenient and Easy To Use

This small, compact printer fits easily in any area that has limited surface or table space. Easy to use, easy to operate, the Patient ID Xpress printer requires minimum training for loading ribbons and labels.
The TTP-245 requires no special installation or wiring. Just plug it in and it is ready to use!


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